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With Such a Long Wind-Up, Is The U. S. and Its anti-Venezuela Allies Ready to Rumble? José Negrón Valera Says Next 90 Days are Crucial

José Negrón Valera , in his recent article,  The next 90 Days will Define the Future of Venezuela (and South America) , lays out very plausible scenarios for the next stage in U. S. aggression against Venezuela.  Given that the U. S. and its allies have pounded Venezuela with paralyzing sanctions, tried to maneuver the OAS to expel Venezuela, financed violent opposition unrest including the 2014 guarimba, and sent a drone loaded with C-4 explosives to fly near the stage where President Maduro and the top brass of the Venezuelan military were honoring the national guard, one should not be surprised if the next stage is a military attack.

I urge you to read the article referenced above.  It is insightful and thought provoking.  Oh, and that military attack?  Negrón Valera believes it will emanate from Colombia.  Stay tuned.




by José Negrón Valera




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