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So the U.S. Says Meetings with Anti-Maduro Military Are No More, Nothing Could Be Further From the Truth

In recent news articles about U. S. collaboration with rebel Venezuelan military soldiers about a coup against President Nicolas Maduro, U. S. participants  are described as “administration officials” or “diplomatic officials.”  If the articles contained evidence that “U. S. military officials” participated as well, the news would be explosive because it would suggest actual military strategy was discussed.

As much as the U. S. would like to bill its meetings with the Venezuelan military as “at the military’s request” and that the U. S. did not entertain its requests for assistance, someone needs to explain Gen. John Mattis’ widely-publicized visit last month to Colombia and Brazil.  After meeting with his Brazilian counterparts, he suggested Brazil was a good candidate to help  Venezuela with its problems. See “A Rabid Dog Roams Latin America and Lingers in Brazil to Find “Solutions” for Venezuela  If you know a lick about Brazil’s fascist dictatorships, brutal army and police neighborhood-by-neighborhood, summary execution of citizens, Brazil serving as a savior to any country is absurd.

The U. S.-Venezuelan military collaboration could not have fizzled, as U. S. administration officials claim.  The slew of of U. S. sanctions lobbed against Venezuela, threatening rhetoric from several Latin American and European countries, attempts to oust Venezuela from various international institutions can only mean joint military cooperation intensified,  is ongoing and is conducted in absolute secrecy.  Mattis could not have gone to go to Latin America without senior military officers laying the groundwork.

Stay tuned!

‘Peaceful return of democracy?’ US doesn’t deny meeting Venezuelan military coup plotters

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