Venezuela’s Supporters in the UN Security Council Sucker Punch Those Who Had It Coming

Member states of the UN Security Council gathered on January 29 to debate the “future of Venezuela.”  In the following video, you will see pro-Venezuela  member  states hold  nothing back.  Rather than the myth promoted by the U. S. that Venezuela is completely isolated, many countries support Venezuela’s sovereignty and readily condemn those who would destroy it.

Midway through the video there is a short clip of the Cuban ambassador speaking.  Make sure you view to the end pf  the video for a  longer clip of her remarks in which she addresses Elliot Abrams (sitting in for Tom Pompeo) with one clever sucker punch after another.  Fidel would be proud.

The Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Jorge Areaza, makes a powerful presentation as does the Russian ambassador who eviscerates the German ambassador’s anti-Venezuela remarks.


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