Trump’s Sanctions Kill Venezuelan People. Why Can’t Human Rights Chief, Bachelet, ‘Fully Acknowledge That?

Bachelet’s primary topic to discuss with President Maduro should have been how US sanctions are severely impacting the Venezuelan people.  Instead, Bachelet’s goal seems  to have been to establish Maduro as a “human rights abuser” allowing for the continuation of deadly US sanctions..  Bachelet’s recommendations to Maduro  to release “peaceful protestors” and “political prisoners” gave Maduro the needed resume.

When you stand on a stage in the middle of Caracas, as Juan Guaido did,  claiming to be  the interim president of Venezuela, you might be acting in a “peaceful” manner.” But the intention to overthrow a duly-elected president is an illegal act and any attempt to carry through on that intention will be an illegal, violent act.

Guaido et al. should be in the slammer as would be customary in most countries around the world.

Maduro’s job is to keep the country running and the Venezuelan people safe.  Succeeding depends on keeping coup mongering groups detained and all those in solidarity with Venezuela fighting like hell for a US  retreat from Venezuela and removal of genocidal sanctions. May Maduro have the strength to endure, Inch’allah.

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