Like a Bad Penny, Alvaro Uribe Keeps Popping Up. Is Colombia’s Former President Escaping Justice While Allegations about Death Squads Mount?

The current president of Colombia, Ivan Duque, is an acolyte of Alvaro Uribe, a vindictive, disingenuous and murderous leader who never saw a paramilitary death squad he didn’t want to arm to the teeth. The paramilitary was used throughout Colombia to eliminate poor people, largely of African and indigenous descent.

Recently, Angelina Jolie spent several days in the company of President Duque, making plans about how best to “help”displaced Venezuelan children now in Colombia – she will soon understand she walked into a trap. Duque’s interest in the children extends only to how much he can use them to appease Colombia’s patron, the US, by defaming President Maduro and beating the drum for a coup d’etat. Alvaro Uribe must be very proud of his apprentice.

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