Honduras at Ten Years After the Coup: A Critical Assessment

On the day of the coup in Honduras against President Mel Zelaya, June 28, 2009 , I started a blog, Honduras Oye. I was compelled to do so because the people so massively hit the streets within a few hours of Zelaya’s kidnapping by Honduran military, right-wing politicians, and guidance, slap on the back, and wink of an eye from the US. The people were enraged, stayed enraged and even indulged in a bit of hand-to-hand combat with soldiers and police. The people in Tegucigalpa, the capital, and throughout the country marched for 60 plus days straight in the hundreds of thousands. The Honduran Resistance was a phenomenon to behold. The Honduran military shot with live ammunition courtesy of the US,organized into death squads, — slitting throats in the middle of the night, and young soldiers got a stark lesson in how to torture their fellow citizens.

And, what of all this? A hell of hells settled upon Honduras over the last ten years. The article above, while long, provides excellent analysis of what has happened since.

I took a quick look at the Honduras Oye site today and found just the thing to leave you with– a vignette of the people of the Honduras Resistance with an overlay of a song that became the Resistance’s anthem.

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