UN Human Rights’ Report to be Issued Prior to Upcoming VZ Govt-Opposition Dialogue Meeting — Question is, Did Michelle Bachelet Take Dictation from Washington and Miami?

The US is sick of itself. It’s been going on for almost 7 months. President Maduro remains in Miraflores and Guaido et al. are hopping like frogs stealing from government coffers — in the millions. One more heist and Guaido will be retired. The US needs a HUGE save and speculation is that it will come in the form of a human rights report to be issued by Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. The report is based on observations made by Bachelet and staff during a visit to Venezuela a few weeks ago. This report will come out prior to a dialogue meeting to be held soon between the Venezuelan government and the opposition. If the US has a card up its sleeve, it will use it at this meeting. In the end, little can be done to make the US exit nothing but shameful.

When the report comes out, it will be easy to tell if Bachelet got an assist from Washington and Miami. If she continues to insist that political prisoners be freed, she is barking up the wrong tree. Many individuals have been arrested since January because they either threatened a coup or were involved in, planned or participated in a coup attempt. Those involved in the power outages put the population in grave danger. Further there are prisoners who called for and planned assassination of President Maduro. Are all of these things political? Yes, and illegal. But the tactics proposed and used are terrorist in nature. President Maduro has a responsibility to protect the Venezuelan people and keeping these prisoners in jail until the judicial process is sorted out is what he must do to keep the population safe.

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