Venezuela Urges UNHCHR to Correct 70 Mistakes in its Report!

The report submitted by the United Nations for Human Rights (OHCHR), Michelle Bachelet, has 70 mistakes in it demonstrating a lack of objectivity and impartiality, said the Venezuelan Government in a statement on Thursday,

Following is a partial list of mistakes the Venezuela government identified — for full list, see article above

  • The The report omits the result of the visits carried out by High Commissioner Bachelet while in Venezuela a few weeks ago.
  • 82% of the interviews presented in the report were made to people located outside Venezuelan territory.
  • The achievements of the Government in matters of human rights were omitted in the report.
  • The report does not discuss the impact of the US economic blockade on the Venezuelan people’s living standards.
  • The report suggests a policy of repression and persecution of opponents, yet the Government says this does not take into account the longstanding opposition practice use of violence dating back to 2002.
  • The report did not take into account information provided by the Government regarding public health, infant mortality, benefits granted through the homeland card, etc. Bachelet was given a detailed report about these issues during her recent visit to Venezuela.
  • The report claims that the State commits aggression against members of the press. It was President Chavez who instituted a policy of free press-free rein in 2002.
  • The report fails to report information from the Office of the Prosecution, about 292 cases in which officers of the National Police’s Special Task Force (FAES) have been prosecuted since 2017 for their participation in crimes such as homicide, cruel treatment and home invasion.
  • The report claims repression of political opponents and advises Venezuela to release such prisoners. Venezuela says it does not have “political prisoners.

COMMENTS: Conclusions, pettiness beyond petty, and getting Michelle Bachelet to resign.

Conclusions: It must be recognized that the goal of this report was t0 produce a narrative that would decapitate the Bolivarian Revolution and send President Maduro to the International Criminal Court. It’s obvious the report was crafted and written well before Michelle Bachelet made her trip to Venezuela. One article suggests that her trip to Venezuela was conducted in such a perfunctory manner she should have stayed in Geneva and connected via Skype. Prior to issuing the report, Bachelet received plenty of written materials from the Venezuelan government, omitting most of it. The content of the report appears to have been provided by the Venezuelan opposition. This report is screaming to be denounced and condemned.

Pettiness beyond petty: Venezuela was handed a draft of the report prior to publication to provide feedback –it was in English! One could speculate it shows the hand of the US in the development of the report — a plausible scenario.

Bachelet should resign: This report is one big covert action. We will see if Bachelet has any shame and, if not, we will need to organize for her resignation. We can’t allow Bachelet’s subservience to the US to destroy the Bolivarian Republic.

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