Venezuela: US Trying to Destroy Political Dialogue in Barbados

Of course the US is trying to nuke the talks. It doesn’t need the talks. It doesn’t need Guaido and the opposition. Now, finally, it is getting what it prescribed and sought all along — a willing stenographer with credentials as the former president of Chile and present High Commissioner for Human Rights whose moral core tanked with the complete falsification of the UN Venezuela human rights report.

Now, the US will implement the real goal — from “soup to nuts:” destruction of the Bolivarian Republic by coup d’etat resulting in the assassination of President Maduro. A US attack will be swift and hard-hitting. Venezuela plagued the Trump administration because the military would not budge and the Opposition has reverted to its Gusano origins — stealing millions of dollars confiscated by the US’ claim on CITGO holdings and selling military guns they stole during the last “coup” attempt.

Used to be, the cause of Christianity and a Bible in the hand was enough to invade, but that is so yesterday. Now the Special Forces will repel down with a copy of Bachelet’s sin of a report in their backpacks. Bachelet should resign, if not, we should make sure she owns the report and the aftermath it fosters.

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